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Deadpool ***1/2


IMDB Synopsis: A former Special Forces operative turned mercenary is subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopting the alter ego Deadpool.

“Deadpool” has been in development since that wretched version that was brought to life in “Wolverine: X-Men Origins”. Seems like Ryan Reynolds has been trying to do justice to this character for years and finally he has. This is an R rated, offensive, overly violent romp that is exciting and fun. It also opens the door for for more R rated comic books adaptations.

I will say that I was highly entertained. I did like that the story was very self contained but I hope to have a bigger budget in future “Deadpool” movies. Seems like most action films that don’t have enough cash always seem to take place in junk yards or factories. It would also be cool to see “Deadpool” kick some ass along side some more prominent X-men characters.

 Those are small gripes though. You must get out and see this movie. Even if you don’t like comics but are a fan of hard core action flicks with a sick sense of humour, this is still for you.



R.I.P.D. **1/2


“R.I.P.D.” is not the disaster I thought it would be. The trailers looked pretty awful, then the movie flopped at the box office. It also suffered negative reviews and poor word of mouth. Some how I gave it a shot anyway and I have to say I was pretty entertained. Not enough to recommend the movie, but enough to say I didn’t regret watching it. Sure it is over the top and full of awful CGI but honestly I was laughing quite a bit.

Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds play officers of the Rest In Peace Department. They are an undead police force that sort of exist between life and death. Their job is to track down dead souls that refuse to accept their fate and are hanging on to a body. Their presence gradually deteriorates the life out of everything around them. They become a horrible CGI grotesque until they are finally eradicated by the R.I.P.D.

Bridges plays a law man from the 1800’s. Think of his Rooster Cogburn from “True Grit” except with a modern sense of humour. Reynolds is a recent recruit who was murdered by his partner over the theft of some gold. Together they actually produce some great comedic chemistry as a couple of weird ghostbusters.

“R.I.P.D” really has no ambitions other than to be a sort of low rent “Men In Black” type of movie. A lot of it is pretty funny. The actors make it watchable for most of it’s hour and thirty minute running time. I don’t really see how it could of been a better movie. The plot really doesn’t suggest that could of been any different in the hands of a different director or writer. It is another example of CGI overkill.

Turbo ***


“Turbo” is the lastest CGI animated film to help saturate the market. I can remember when these movies were few and far between. Each one was sort of an event when it was released. Now there are so many coming out each year that they cannot possibly all be financial success. “Turbo” comes on the heels of “Despicable Me 2” and “Monster’s University”, and I don’t quite think it is unique enough to stand out from the pack. It is funny and quite entertaining though.

The story involves a snail who longs to have more speed in his life. His name is Turbo and he is voiced by Ryan Reynolds who infuses his usual dead pan comedy style. When he is accidently sucked in to a car engine and his cells are infused with nitrous oxcide, he finds himself able to move as fast as cars in the Indy 500. In fact he some how gets himself in to the Indy 500, much to the dismay of Guy Gangne, a French-Canadian racing champion.

The real issue I have with these movies is that the creators are going too much for the hip dialogue and the slapstick laughs as opposed to creaing a truly great story. Pixar is still the standard and Dreamworks, who made this movie, are not too far behind. This movie is mainly for the kids. They will enjoy the colorful animation and the exciting action sequences

Safe House **


“Safe House” could have been a riveting spy thriller but instead it settles for a series of frantic, convoluted chase scenes and an incomprehensible and unfocused story.

Denzel Washington plays a rogue agent who went off the reservation years ago. He is abducted by the CIA while selling secrets to the enemy. He is taken to a Safe House operated by Ryan Reynolds, who is a low level operative. When the house is hit raided by some very bad looking people, Reynolds finds himself on the run with Washington, trying to bring him in and stay alive. Thats about all the plot I could figure out.

The director is Daniel Espinosa, whom I am not familiar with. Based on this movie I would say he needs to learn from some of the action film veterans on how to slow down and stage a chase scene in a way that is easy for the audience to follow. Instead he uses the usual style of chop shop editing that mashes up split second images with an ear piercing soundtrack. I’m thankful that this was not in 3D.

Washington and Reynolds do what they can with their respective roles but they are not given fully rounded characters or proper dialogue to build some intrigue from.

“Safe House” is doing excellent box office so I gather that this style of action film is not going anywhere anytime soon. What a sad sentiment.