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Ride Along 2 *

IMDB Synopsis: As his wedding day approaches, Ben heads to Miami with his soon-to-be brother-in-law James to bring down a drug dealer who’s supplying the dealers of Atlanta with product.

I thought the original “Ride Along” was an ok film. It was good for a few laughs. The sequel on the other hand replaces those laughs long, painfully unfunny scenes of banter. Nothing works here.

I am not sure if the writers even put together a script. There is an outline for an action comedy. All the cliches of a buddy cop flick are used. There is not a single original moment in the entire running time.

The dialogue seems like it could of all been ad-libbed. Ice Cube is simply on screen to insult Kevin Hart’s character. Hart is allowed to run his mouth for way too long. None of it was authentic sounding or funny. Olivia Munn is brought in to play a particularly bland cop. I’m not sure what Hollywood’s fascination is with Munn as she hasn’t given a decent performance yet.

Sequels like this exist to make money. Plain and simply. The first film was a break out hit which meant a sequel was inevitable. Too bad everyone simply phoned it in.


Get Hard **1/2


IMDB Synopsis: When millionaire James King is jailed for fraud and bound for San Quentin, he turns to Darnell Lewis to prep him to go behind bars.

“Get Hard” is not one of Will Ferrell’s best comedies and I am starting to get a little worn down by Kevin Hart. To be fair there are some big laughs in this movie but there are a lot of jokes that fall flat as well.

Ferrell is playing his usual man child persona and is somewhat successful. Hart is also playing his usual character who is aloud to ad lib way too much and overreact to every situation.

This may be worth a rental or watching on Netflix but it is not really worth a trip to the theatre. Some are saying that the premise is racist and offensive. That I disagree with. If this was a bolder comedy that really went for some dark laughs as well as some human insights about racism then It could of been something more. Instead it settles for the usual stuff.

The Wedding Ringer **

“The Wedding Ringer” has some funny moments and some entertaining dialogue but it is so generic in the end. There are no surprises here at all. Everything happens the way it is supposed to in these types of movies.

Kevin Hart plays a groom for hire. If you do not have any friends you can hire him to pose as a childhood friend and stand next to you at the altar. He does a pretty phenomenal job too for someone who is essentially helping guys start out their marriages with lies. He puts together a great toast, develops a convincing back story and plays the part well. His talents are put to the test though when he meets Josh Gad, who needs him as well as a whole line up of grooms men.

At this point I could tell how this would all play out. There has to be a series of scenes consisting of close calls and revelations about the truth causing heart ache for the leads. Eventually things work out for the best. I don’t want to be too descriptive here in case there is a remote chance you have not seen most romantic comedies.

Hart and Gad play well off of each other and have some very funny moments which made this movie some what watchable. I especially liked their little dance off as they crash someone else’s wedding as a sort of training session.

It is too bad that these movies have to be so formulaic. The cast is top notch. Why not put them in to a movie that is edgier or more original?

Ride Along **1/2


“Ride Along” was not really on my radar but it became a massive box office success. Kevin Hart’s popularity seems to be sky rocketing at the moment. I have enjoy his stand up comedy but I haven’t seen a movie yet that has utilized his talents properly quite yet. “Ride Along” has some funny moments and is a fairly entertaining movie but I’m still waiting for Hart to find a role that he can sink his teeth in to. Think of Eddie Murphy in “48 Hours”. I hate to compare the two but I want Hart to find a role that truly elevates his comedy in to a memorable performance.

Pairing him with Ice Cube is a good start. Cube has seemed to settle in to a series of roles that make him in to a hard ass authority figure. His character here is similar to his role in “21 Jump Street”. He is a tough cop who doesn’t put up with any crap and has a serious problem with the seemingly pathetic Hart dating his sister. He figures that taking Hart on a ride along will scare him away. The results are fairly entertaining.

I truly hope that Kevin Hart doesn’t go the way of Kevin James, Vince Vaughn or even Adam Sandler as of late. They had a few hits and tried to keep doing the same things over and over until they have basically worn out their welcome. I want Hart to work with some real directors who can fine tune his performances in to something greater.

This Is The End ***1/2


Who would of thought that “This Is The End” would end up being the funniest and most outrageous comedy of 2013 so far? I thought the trailers kind of seemed like this was some kind of gag. A group of comedic actors play themselves in a movie about the apocalypse?! How wrong I was. I’m actually grateful that the marketing campaign did not ruin any of the funniest moments in this movie.

The main characters are Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, James Franco, Craig Robinson and Danny McBride. Rogen and Baruchel are long time friends who end up at a house warming party at Franco’s place. The party is attended by pretty much every celebrity who has had a role in a Judd Appatow production. My favourite had to be a coked out Michael Cera who loses his cell phone.

During the party, the world outside begins to fall apart. Los Angeles turns in to ash and smoke. Some citizens are beamed in to the sky by blue lights. Eventually monsters and demons start roaming the streets, chasing down the survivors.

The majority of the movie follows Rogen and his friends as they bored up Franco’s house and attempt to wait the situation out. This results in some hilarious situations as these inflated egos try to survive each other. Eventually they have to survive McBride and his raunchy, over the top behaviour.

Now going in to this movie I did not expect to laugh as loudly as I did. I don’t think I have laughed this much since “Ted”. What a refreshing thing laughter can be, especially after duds like “The Hangover Part III”.

I was also impressed by how freaky the film was. Seth Rogen and his parter Evan Goldberg both wrote and directed this film. I was fairly surprised that they went all out on trying to scare the audience as well as make them laugh. The visual effects are pretty effective as well.

“This Is The End” will appeal to anyone who likes a good R rated raunch fest. This movie has it all.