The Big Short ***1/2

“The Big Short” is a wicked black comedy filled with some of the most bizarre and unforgettable characters I have come across. The story surrounds the housing market crisis that came min 2007 and a few select people who saw it coming and put financial bets in place to profit from it. These people had know idea how big it was going to be or the level of fraud that would surround it, they just knew that there was a substantial amount of money to be made from the impending crash.

Director Adam McKay makes a break from broad comedies always starring Will Ferrell and takes on some more serious subject matter while still retaining the laughs. The funny moments mostly come from the odd collection of people who saw this crisis coming. The cast includes Steve Carrell, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling and Christian Bale. Carrell and Bale in particular stood out to me.

Bale plays a financial advisor with a glass eye and a penchant for not wearing shoes to work who sticks to his guns when his clients believe he is about to lose tons of their money. Turns out he made a profit of 489% for them. I would love to see their follow up emails to him after some of them threatened to sue. Carrell plays a particularly fussy character who always says whats on his mind and always seems to be irritated, even when he is making money.

I still don’t fully understand what credit default swaps are or AAA ratings and I mostly likely never will. This film made it about as clear as it ever will be to me and I finally started to see why this all happened who was really to blame.


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