The Night Before***1/2


IMDB Synopsis: the night in New York City looking for the Holy Grail of Christmas parties.

“The Night Before” is the latest collaboration between Joseph Gordon Levitt, Seth Rogan and Jonathan Levine. Their previous work was the underrated gem “50/50” from 2011. Joining them this time is Anthony Mackie, taking a break from his duties as the Falcon to join the fun. Here they take on Christmas with a movie that will become a staple of my holiday viewing for years to come.

“The Night Before” is an awesome blend of great comedy, performances, drama and story. I loved the characters and their own personal stories. I love that it is an R rated film aimed at adults during the holiday season. There are not enough to those! I love that it involves three best friends in search of a mythical Christmas party. It kind of reminded me of “The World’s End” in that way. Friends coming together to conquer a missed opportunity from their past.

I think my favourite part of this movie though was Michael Shannon’s character. He appears from time to time as a cryptic drug dealer who may or may not be something more.

I can’t for this to hit iTunes next year. You know it will be around the holidays when it is released. It should go good as a double feature with “Bad Santa”.


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