Bridge Of Spies ****

“Bridge Of Spies” is the latest from director Steven Spielberg. This film shows that the matser has not lost his form. I love when i’m watching a great movie that starts out as one genre and slowly gravitates to another. The first half of the film is an excellent court procedural about how America defied their own laws in order to prosecute a spy. The last half of the film becomes a cold war thriller involving spies and back door dealings in post war Berlin. I know this is all based on history but it is history that I was not too familiar with. I imagine it would be just as riveting for those who are more familiar with this part of history.


Tom Hanks gives another great performance as James Donovan, the lawyer hired to defend a Russian spy who is eventually asked to handle the same spies prisoner exchange in Germany. Mark Rylance is the spy in question and he gives a quiet yet powerful performance as a man who does his duty and never seems to worry. Perhaps he knows Donovan is capable as more than he thinks.


This is one of the best pictures of the year. It is an engrossing drama and a times a tense and powerful thriller. I have to heap a lot of praise on cinematographer Janusz Kaminski who provides some stunning and arresting imagery of a war torn Berlin just as the historical wall is being erected.


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