Steve Jobs ****

“Steve Jobs” is a mesmerizing filmgoing experience. It contains a virtuoso performance from Michael Fassbender as the tech giant Steve Jobs. The story follows Jobs in the moments before three different product launches, two of which while he was with Apple. Fassbender does not much look like Job’s but certainly made me a believer with his conviction and dedication to the role.


The film is directed by Danny Boyle, who modifies his styles a bit to create a more straight forward drama that still has flashes of his sometimes manic style. Here he lets the actors and the dialogue free on to the screen with long stretches and takes that make everything feel real and authentic.


There are a lot of aspects about Steve Jobs on display here that might disturb some people. How many historical liberties were taken with this story we can never truly know but I think the filmmakers managed to capture the spirit of Steve Jobs. His essence is on display and how it effects both of those around him is truly captivating.

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