Sicario ****

“Sicario” is a haunting and unforgettable thriller. I can honestly say I did not know how this story was going to turn out. It starts out as a tense and exciting thriller and gradually becomes a story of corruption and revenge. But how it transitions stories is what really blew me away. Pay close attention to all of the characters no matter how minor they might seem.

The director is Denis Villeneuve who had a great 2013 with “Prisoners” and the underrated “Enemy”. This is his most accomplished and mesmerizing work to date. Villeneuve is a truly remarkable talent. I look forward to his vision for the “Blade Runner” sequel.

The acting in this film is truly amazing. Benicio Del Toro in particular steals the show in a sneaky way. His character becomes more prominent as the film goes on. Especially in one of the final scenes where he confronts a Cartel leader and his family. This moment was shocking and will not be soon forgotten. Emily Blunt and Josh Brolin are stellar here as well. It is interesting how the marketing for this movie focused so much on them.


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