Sinister 2 **

IMDB Synopsis: A young mother and her twin sons move into a rural house that’s marked for death.

The 2012 movie “Sinister” was one of the most frightening films of recent years. It was released between “The Woman In Black” and “The Conjuring” which were equally as terrifying. What a year that was for haunted house flicks. This year has seen sequels to two of those movies. The first was “The Woman In Black 2” which was not good at all. Now we get “Sinister 2” which, sadly, does not need replicate the quality of the original.

I found the script to be muddled and confusing. I also found the performances and the direction to be fairly pedestrian. There isn’t much interesting happening on the screen here. I didn’t really care for the mother and her kids who were on the run from her abusive ex. I also was not too interested in James Ransone’s character who is the only actor from the first film to return.

I also found this movie to be light scares. It was as if the director and his team relied solely on a thundering soundtrack to get us jumping out of our seats. The film relied too much on flash back footage and gristly deaths and not enough on tension or story.

What a shame this is. The first film still frightens me to this day. It setup a neat villain which could of been the next Freddy Krueger, starring in many sequels. Sadly I hope the franchise ends here.


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