Pixels ***


I seriously do not get the hate for “Pixels”. I had a blast with it. Sure it is not a great film but it is a fun one. I loved the goofy visual effects used to bring classic video games to life. I enjoyed the ridiculous and sometimes insane characters. Josh Gad in particular gives a performance that had me laughing embarrassingly loud.

I know that Happy Madison productions and Adam Sandler in general are usually destroyed by critics, sometimes a little too much. Why are audiences turning their nose up to this movie though? It has all the low brow humour that audiences have paid untold millions to see in past Sandler movies. Plus it has the added bonus of crazy action sequences involving Pac-man and Donkey Kong!?

The story involves an alien invasion of earth. These beings seemed to misinterpret our classic arcade games as an act of war when gamer videos were transmitted into space back in the 80’s. The invasion comes in the form of multiple challenges that earths inhabitants must overcome involving battles in the forms of vintage games like Centipede, Pac-man, Astroids and Donkey Kong.

The battle with Donkey Kong was my favourite scene as the players must jump over real barrels, climb ladders and smash enemies with hammers.

Sandler is funny here but is playing basically the same character he has now portrayed in his past 5 or 6 flicks. Kevin James is his best friend and apparently the president of the united states. Peter Dinklage plays a former player and nemesis to Sandler.

Josh Gad steals every scene he is in. The biggest laugh in the movie comes from Gad when he overcomes his fear of public speaking by exploding in to a hilarious tirade in front of American Troops.

The director is Chris Columbus, the man behind classic films like “Home Alone”, “Mrs. Doubtfire”, and two “Harry Potter” flicks. He knows how to blend comedy and action. Here he crafts a flick that is not an instant classic by any means but is not as awful as people are saying thats for sure.


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