Trainwreck ***


IMDB Synopsis: thought that monogamy was never possible, a commitment-phobic career woman may have to face her fears when she meets a good guy.

“Trainwreck” gives comedian Amy Schumer her first leading role. Here she teams up with Judd Apatow who makes a bit of a come back after the weaker “This Is 40”. The result is a very funny flick that also has enough drama to separate it from most other R rated comedies.

Schumer successfully turns her act in to an actual character and performance. It will be interesting to see if she branches out in to other types of roles because as funny as she is, there is the danger of falling in to the trap that Kevin Hart is in now.

Bill Hader co stars as her boyfriend who is trying to deal with the wreck that is her life. Here Hader proves once again that he is a constantly overlooked leading man. His recent performance in “The Skeleton Twins” was criminally under appreciated. Here he plays the straight man in the face of Amy Schumer’s ridiculously trashy character as well as anyone could. He manages to be funny and heartfelt.

It is nice to see a Judd Apatow back in form as well. I found “This Is 40” to be a bit long and aimless. Here his focus is solely on the two leads and their complicated relationship.


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