Ted 2 ***


“Ted 2” doesn’t reach the comedic heights of the original flick but it is still pretty funny. I laughed loudly quite a few times. If you loved the first movie then you will probably enjoy this one as it is a pretty natural extension. If you thought the first film was juvenile, stupid and low brown then you might as well skip this as you are not the target audience.

I will admit that the novelty of seeing a talking toy teddy bear smoking weed, drinking and cursing a blue streak has kind of worn off. If the filmmakers really wanted to out do the original movie then they needed to really up the story and the characters. That does not really happen here unfortunately.

All the major players are back. Mark Wahlberg stars once again as John, an adult man who made a wish as a kid that his toy bear would come to life. I don’t think i’m spoiling anything by saying that came true. John is still an immature man child who refuses to really grow up. Seth MacFarlane voices Ted once again, letting loose a variety of raunchy dialogue which he again wrote and directed. Even Giovanni Ribisi is back with some more creepy dancing.

Maybe thats why I didn’t think this film took off as much as the first. It hits all the same beats as the original. The story this time involves Ted trying to legally become recognized as a person so he can marry and have kids. I heard a rumour that the original idea they had was going to be a Dukes of Hazard style story about drug smuggling but the creators thought the story would be too similar to “We’re The Miller’s”. That seems stupid. I want to see that movie where John and Ted are chased across the south in the General Lee while being pursued by hillbilly cops!


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