Inside Out ***1/2


“Inside Out” is the latest little creative invention from the geniuses at Pixar. I can hardly believe that it has been two years since Pixar’s last release. It is good to have them back because there has been a real lull in good animated films lately. “Big Hero 6” was a really winner but other than that there has been a lot of disappointment. I am happy to say that “Inside Out” is a winner. The film is colourful, energetic, creative, vibrant and very funny.

The story involves the inner workings of peoples minds. Emotions are represented in physical form almost as people themselves. There is Joy, Disgust, Anger, Fear and Sadness. The main mind in the film is inside the head of a little girl named Riley. Riley and her family just moved from Minnesota to San Francisco. Riley had a very happy life with her friends, family and her hockey team in Minnesota. The move has taken a bit of a toll on her emotions causing some of them to take a perilous journey to try and restore the balance.

Now I don’t think I have made it much of a secret that I love everything Pixar does. Yes I even love their sequels. They are the best studio working right now when it come to animated films. “Inside Out” is their first original film since 2012’s “Brave” which makes this that much more special.

The first thing that stood out to me is the unique look of the film. I love how all Pixar films have a special visual style and “Inside Out” is no different. The inner workings of Riley’s mind are a visual feast. First up are the characters. I love how their skin reminded me of foam for some reason. It is a bizarre choice, especially for Anger who happens to catch fire when he is really revved up.

I also loved the way memories are portrayed as crystal balls that seem to fade over time. Riley’s core memories become the focus of the movie when they are in danger of being lost.

In a time when animated movies are becoming less and less of an event we can still rely on Pixar to deliver the goods. 2015 is a special year because it is the first time that Pixar will release two movies in a calendar year. Lets just hope that the quality remains over quantity.


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