Dope ****

IMDB Synopsis: A coming of age comedy/drama for the post hip hop generation. Malcolm is a geek, carefully surviving life in The Bottoms, a tough neighbourhood in Inglewood, CA filled gangsters and drugs dealers, while juggling his senior year of college applications, interviews and the SAT. His dream is to attend Harvard. A chance invitation to a big underground party leads Malcolm and his friends into a, only in Los Angeles, gritty adventure filed with offbeat characters and bad choices. If Malcolm can persevere, he’ll go from being a geek, to being dope, to ultimately being himself.

“Dope” is one of those movies that needs to be experienced as opposed to described. It is a truly electrifying piece, full of original characters, vividly brought to life by a remarkable cast. It is one of those flicks that just comes together perfectly from the writers, the director, the cinematographer, and the cast. I could go on and on.

Rick Famuyiwa is not a writer/director that I am familiar with but based on this film I may delve in to his filmography. His directs this movie with great energy and flow from an amazing script that he wrote. This is the best movie about life in a tough inner city neighbourhood since “Boyz N The Hood” and “Menace II Society”, which is very high praise.


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