Tomorrowland **1/2


I have to say I am kind of surprised at how disappointing “Tomorrowland” is. I have loved all of Brad Bird’s movies so far. When I heard he was taking on an original science fiction movie named after part of the Disneyland theme park I was genuinely excited. My mind was racing with the possibilities.

The result is about half a great movie combined with half of a grindingly boring one. I loved the first hour or so.

I loved the opening passages depicting a young boy’s quest to get his invention in to the 1964 New York World’s Fair. Fate leads him to the It’s A Small World ride where he finds a secret entrance to Tomorrowland. The young boy is Frank Walker.

We then cut to present day to find Casey Newton, a science enthusiast who spends her nights breaking in to a decommissioned NASA launch pad at Cape Canaveral in order to dismantle machines that are tearing the site down. Her father works at the site also. One night she is arrested for trespassing. When she is bailed out by her angry father she finds a strange pin in with her possessions. When she touches it she is transported to Tomorrowland which she is able to explore until the power of the pin runs out. This launches her on a quest to find Frank, now played by George Clooney, and get back to this mythical place that seems to exist in another dimension.

All of the build up so far had hooked me right in. Tomorrowland itself is a stunning place, brought to life with some of the most awe inspiring CGI effects I have seen this year. It is a wondrous place full of jet packs, sleek skyscrapers and hovering crafts. It is when the characters arrive there that the film sort of lost me.

One we get to Tomorrowland we are thrust in to a plot that seems sort of pale in comparison to everything that came before it. The earth is suddenly in jeopardy which results in some fist fights and robot rumbles. All of this seemed oddly familiar and sort of lame. I kept hoping for a thrilling jet pack chase through the city or anything more eye popping then a struggle against a bomb thats about to go off.

Still there are some fun scenes that stood out. I enjoyed the chase through Frank Walker’s house which has some truly zany booby traps! I also liked the crazy fight between the robot owners of a memorabilia store and our heroes.

“Tomorrowland” may be better with a second viewing, who knows. I just did not find it very exhilarating or original.


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