Poltergeist **

I have to give the creators of the new “Poltergeist” credit. They have delivered exactly what audiences these days demand. The people seem to want haunted house movies to be all sound and fury and this film delivers. The characters exist simply to fly through the air, get startled, and run. What happened to the days when a fright flick needed more depth and maybe a truly compelling story?

I wish I had timed the events of this movie because I am fairly certain it took about ten minutes before the ghouls came out to torment a family that just moved in to their new home. That has to be some kind of record. There is also a faint reference to a former graveyard where the family’s house was built. It was said that maybe the tombstones were moved but the bodies remained. Thats about all the plot we are given before all hell breaks loose.

The family consists of Sam Rockwell as the father and Rosemarie DeWitt as the father and mother. They have three kids. As in the original film their youngest daughter is taken by a Poltergeist through her closet. We learn next to nothing about them other than the fact that they are broke and jobless. There is a truly confusing moment where the father decides to max out his credit cards to buy the kids expensive toys after explaining to them that they cannot afford such things at the moment which seemed sensible.

From there the film uses every single cliche in the book to try and make us jump out of their seats. There is even a mysterious box of clown dolls in the attic. I wonder if they will be used to freak out the cast? There is even a team of experts brought in to help as well as crazy believer who has his own haunted house TV show.

As anyone who knows me knows I do not believe in making reboots or re-imaginings or remakes unless the original movie was not very good. This is an example of a time in which I actually did not like the original movie. Yes I know the 1982 film “Poltergeist” is considered a classic but not by me. I found it over the top and silly. And now comes a remake which is even more over the top and silly. Funny how that happens.


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