Mad Max: Fury Road ****

“Mad Max: Fury Road” is the latest entry in a franchise that has not had an entry since 1986! Replacing Mel Gibson in the role of Max is Tom Hardy. George Miller, the legendary director, now in his 70’s, returns to the Wastland for more adventures after the society has fully broken down.

The result is the best action picture in many, many years. Where do I start with this film? Well first it contains a massive amount of practical effects and stunts. The action looks like there are real human lives at stake. This ups the intensity of the action and brought me to the edge of my seat.

Sure there is CGI in the film. There is a moment a massive chase takes place inside a giant dust storm. Within the cloud are multiple tornadoes. The sequence is pure spectacle and it is awesome. Still I felt like there were real actors in the mix which made it that much more incredible.

The story mostly centres around a character named Furiosa played by Charlie Theron. As the film opens she is smuggling out the five wives of Immortan Joe, a ruthless and disgusting warlord who uses these young woman to breed his own twisted view of humanity. His army are called the War Boys. They have no fear when it comes to sacrificing their lives for Joe.

Fate brings Max and Furiosa together, leading them on a journey to escape Immortan Joe as well as other vile gangs. The chase takes place through the Wasteland which looks more desolate than it did in the previous films. The film makes use of it’s gorgeous desert landscapes of Namibia where it was filmed.

If any movie gets you in to a theatre this summer, let it be “Mad Max: Fury Road”. It begs to be seen on the big screen. 3D or 2D is your choice. Trust me when I say this is a unique movie. It is one of a kind in this day and age. Hopefully it will inspire other directors to go back to the drawing board when it comes to how to film action.


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