Unfinished Business **

What has happened to Vince Vaughn? Some where along the way he has ceased to be funny. My opinion is that he keeps picking generic, lazy scripts that do not cater to hish skill set very much. “Unfinished Business” should of been a riot. It has a good cast and a setup that should of lead to lots of R rated laughs. Instead we get a lot of profanity and gags that mostly fall flat.

“Unfinished Business” stars Vaughn as a small business owner going up against a major corporation for a big contract. This deal will finally legitamize his business as well as set up his family and employees for years to come. It does not help that his competitor is his former employer.

The deal takes him and his crew to varioius destinations across the world. I just wish that something more interesting could of happened at each location.

I think Vaughn has hit a point where it is time to do something new. He is in danger of making movies that are directed at the home market. Perhaps his upcoming role in the second season of HBO’s “True Detective” will provide a more dramatic role for him.


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