Kingsmen: The Secret Service ***

Ten years ago director Matthew Vaughn made a phenominal movie called “Layer Cake”. It was a fast moving, frenetic crime thriller starring Daniel Craig. I recently rewatched it and it still holds up as great today. Since then he has developed an action style that has not really jived with me very well. I disliked “Kick-Ass”, “Stardust” and “X-Men: First Class”. “Kingsmen: The Secret Service” is an entertaining flick but still suffers from his shaky mix of frantic images and slow motion shots that do not make much sense.

Stil I did like this movie better than his recent efforts. I esspecially loved seeing Colin Firth break from his usual drama’s and comedies to kick some serious ass as a British Secret Service agent. At one point he dishes out a particularly brutal lesson towards some bar hooligans. There is also a shocking moment where he is brainwashed in to slaughtering an entire church full of people. If that is your cup of tea then boy is this the movie for you!

As much as I enjoyed this movie I am still at a loss as to why this type of action is such a draw for people. Don’t audiences want to be able to comprehend action sequences anymore? Don’t people want to see the stunt doubles perform their work clearly?


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