Jupiter Ascending ***

“Jupiter Ascending” is not going to be everyones cup of tea. I am shocked to find out that this film had a 170 million dollar budget. Don’t get me wrong you can see where the cash was spent as this is an awesome visual film. I just think that the story and characters are not going to be able to bring in mainstream audiences. There are no superheroes or fast cars. Instead we get a total throw back to when sci-fi films had a sense of goofy adventure. I was reminded of films like “Star Wars” before they became all serious.

The plot of this film is almost indescribable. It involves Mila Kunis as a house maid who is unaware she is a galactic princess and Channing Tatum as a warrior sent to protect her. Kunis plays Jupiter Jones, a young woman stuck in a life she is not very satisfied with. Tatum is Caine, a man crossed with the DNA of a wolf, bread to be warrior. Together they find themselves whizzing through the streets and skyline of Chicago then across the galaxy.

The visuals and the effects are the star of the show here. The film is directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski who bring their trade mark visual flair and eye for style to this film. Ever since “The Matrix” they have found themselves working on massive visual effects pictures. Their last movie, “Cloud Atlas” was one of the best films of 2012. “Jupiter Ascending” almost pales in comparison but is fun in it’s own rights.

The action involves some breathtaking sequences mostly involving some killer gravity boots that allow Tatum’s character to glide along any surface as if it was a sheet of ice. I also enjoyed the space bound battles as well.

To enjoy “Jupiter Ascending” I believe you must put your brain on hold for an evening. It is a sugar rush for the senses and not much more. After a lengthy awards season this might be just what we needed.


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