The Wedding Ringer **

“The Wedding Ringer” has some funny moments and some entertaining dialogue but it is so generic in the end. There are no surprises here at all. Everything happens the way it is supposed to in these types of movies.

Kevin Hart plays a groom for hire. If you do not have any friends you can hire him to pose as a childhood friend and stand next to you at the altar. He does a pretty phenomenal job too for someone who is essentially helping guys start out their marriages with lies. He puts together a great toast, develops a convincing back story and plays the part well. His talents are put to the test though when he meets Josh Gad, who needs him as well as a whole line up of grooms men.

At this point I could tell how this would all play out. There has to be a series of scenes consisting of close calls and revelations about the truth causing heart ache for the leads. Eventually things work out for the best. I don’t want to be too descriptive here in case there is a remote chance you have not seen most romantic comedies.

Hart and Gad play well off of each other and have some very funny moments which made this movie some what watchable. I especially liked their little dance off as they crash someone else’s wedding as a sort of training session.

It is too bad that these movies have to be so formulaic. The cast is top notch. Why not put them in to a movie that is edgier or more original?


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