A Most Violent Year


“A Most Violent” year has been has been recieving some of the highest critical praise of the year. It has been compared to films like “The Godfather” and “Scarface”. What did I miss here? The film I saw was a very generic crime thriller with performances that bordered on over the top. When I read the synopsis of this film I was expecting something completely different. It is set during the most statistically violent year the city of New York has ever had. Why wasn’t the story about that?

The plot involves an immigrant man played by Oscar Isaac and his family as their business is threatened with indictment for a series of corporate crimes. This leads Isaac and his wife (Jessica Chastain) in to a murky web of deceit while trying to keep meet deadlines and avoid the law. The violence of the city is also threatening their business.

The direction by J.C. Chandelor is first rate but his screenplay is at times confusing and muddled and plays out in rather generic fashion. All throught he movie I was wondering why they were no focusing on the rampat violence in the city and what city officials and the police were doing about it. That could of been some compelling drama. Instead we get a series of family squabbles and dramatic showdowns between the main characters and the police as well as some shady individuals.

I was very dissappointed in “A Most Violent” year. What is more perplexing to me is how this film is getting such praise. What did critics see in this that I did not?


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