Selma ****


“Selma” is a powerhouse of a movie. Writer and director Ava Duvernay has crafted a film that is not only haunted and tragic but couldn’t have come at a better time. Racism in America is heating up lately in acts of heartbreaking violence towards the African American community. Maybe it is time to look back at the amazing achievements of influential people like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

The performances and the direction on display here are simply incredible. How is this film being ignored so badly by all awards shows? Director Ava DuVernay has not only made an important film but has crafted a stellar movie in general. She knows how to build and create suspense beautifully.

The performnaces of David Oyelowa, Carmen Ejogo, and Tom Wilkinson are real and authentic. Oyelowa in specific takes command of this movie. We follow him into the racially charged carnage that happened in the small town of Selma.

Like I said before it is not often that a great movie comes out that is also well timed when similar events are taking place. Will anyone learn from this movie is the real question?


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