Big Eyes ***


“Big Eyes” is a story that I had not heard of but I am glad was brought to film. It is an entertaining movie first and foremost but it is also a strong liberating message for women. Things have changed since the decade that this movie took place in but there are still issuse such as equal pay for both genders, that need to be resolved.

The story follows a painter named Margaret (Amy Adams) who paints images of children with abnormally large eyes. Eventualy she meets and marries Walter played by Christoph Waltz. He is a painter also. When one of Margaret’s paintings catches fire among buyers he takes credit for it. This goes on for years and years until Margaret finally gets the courage to break free form his control and take credit for her work which shocks the art world.

The film written by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski and directed by Tim Burton. For Burton this is a sort of rebound after the horrendous “Alice In Wonderland” as well as the lackluster “Dark Shadows”. It is a welcome break from working with Johnny Depp as well. Here he makes this a more straight forward period piece and focus’ mainly on the drama between husband and wife.

The performances are very engaging, esspecially by Waltz who is charismatic yet flawed as Walter Keane. I esspecially enjoyed the moments where he is in full sales mode in the early days of their sales.

“Big Eyes” is not a truly great film but it is an important one. It is a story that needs to be told at a time when women still don’t have every right that they deserve.


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