Exodus **

“Exodus” is a well made movie from a technical stand point. From a story telling stand point I have to say that Ridley Scott may finally be getting stale when it comes to historical epics. Much like his “Robin Hood” adaptation I got the feeling that Scott was morme interested in creating authentic sets, costumes and rousing battles as opposed to telling a real story. And what is with all the white people here? When I see a movie where the story is about ancient Egyptians I expect to see Egyptian actors front and centre.

Actors like Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, John Turturro, Sigourney Weaver and Aaron Paul in one movie is impressive on it’s own. It is too bad none of them are of Egyptian heritage. Ben Mendelsohn in particular is very out of place with an Australian accent that he has a difficult time hiding. I get that big productions are hard to get off the ground without recognizable stars. It is stupid but it is the way it is. So why not make this with a smaller budget and focus more on the characters and the store? This films ends with a giant tidal wave that would be more at home in a Rolland Emmerich movie than a film about Moses.

Has Ridley Scott taken on too many projects? Since 2000 the man has directed 12 films not counting a new one set to drop in November and another in March 2016. Has he stretched himself too thin creatively? I hope not because we need artists like Ridley Scott these days.


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