Still Alice ***


“Still Alice” contains a heartbreaking film by Julianne Moore. It is a curiously muted film that sort of ends on an ambiguous note but the cast really make this worth watching. Moore may get her long overdue Academy award win for best actress for this role. She is that good.

Moore plays Dr. Alice Howard. Early in the films he learns she has early onset Alzheimer’s disease. “Still Alice” depicts her struggle to manage her life, job and family all the while her mind is starting to deteriorate. Alec Baldwin plays her husband who starts to almost disconnect from Alice and her disease, eventually making the startling decision to move to another city for a promotion. Their daugther, played by Kristen Stewart, in one of her strongest performances, moves in with her.

Aside from the strong work by the cast I wasn’t really totally absorbed by the direction and screenplay by Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland. I think the film could of benefitted from more life details. There are a few jumps through time that didn’t really sit well with me.

Anyways I will not nit pick too much becasue this is a pretty important film that people should watch, esspecially if you do not know too much about the Alzheimer’s disease.


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