The Imitation Game ***1/2


“The Imitation Game” is a movie that needed to be made. It is quie timely as well. Alan Turing was a brilliant man who made unmeasurable contributions to winning World War II and then was persecuted mercilessly by the British Government because he was gay. Here is a man who helped design a machine that could break Nazi coded messages and in the process save millions of lives. His thank you from the government was a criminal record for indeceny with a sentence that included being chemically nuetered. What a travesty. We now live in a time where same sex marriage is on the verge of becoming legal almost everywhere in North America, which is progress.

Turing is played brilliantly by actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Turing is a loner, who knows that his genius could help win the war. His personality is abrasive and offensive due to years of being treated as a freak or a weirdo by his peers. His time during the war and the colleagues who he grows close too in his unit prove to be a high moment in his life. Cumberbatch captures this character so perfectly that I almost forgot that it was just a performance.

The scenes where Turing and his team develop the machine that would eventually defeat the infamous Nazi enigma machine are the most compelling in the movie. Especially when it comes to some of the heartbreaking choices they had to make once they figured out that the machine worked.

The later scenes involving Alan and the persecution he faced due to being a homosexual felt almost tacked on. It was a travesty the way he was treated considering his contributions he made when it came to the war. During that time period it was against the law to be a homosexual.

Director Morten Tyldum and his writers maybe should of expanded the later parts of Alan’s life or maybe devoted a second movie to them altogether. Either way I wasn’t distracted from the truly engrossing and powerful movie.

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