Horrible Bosses 2 **


The first “Horrible Bosses” was a comedy gem. It had a great setup, a great cast and a hilarious script. One of those few comedies that just came together prefectly. Did it need a sequel? Not really. But I liked the characters a lot so another adventure with these guys is welcomed. My only issue is that comedy sequels are notoriously difficult to pull off. Look at “The Hangover” sequels as proof. Here the creators come close but they just don’t quite re-capture the magic of the first film.

Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis all return as well as cameos from Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Spacey. Spacey almost steals the show with his scenes. His character has not changed a bit, even while in prison. Aniston is funny as well as she has entered sex addict meetings looking for prey. The three leads have some funny moments but I found that I got lost in a lot of their non-stop banter. Adlibbing is funny but here it goes a bit overboard.

The plot this time involves a potential new boss, Burt Hanson, played by Christoph Waltz. Well he isn’t so much a boss as a potential investor in the guy’s new invention the “Shower Buddy”. Burt initially makes an order for hundreds of thousands of units but then declines to pay for them claiming they did not have a signed agreement. He figures he can buy them for cheaper when their company is in foreclosure. Suddenly the guys find their new company under water thus resorting to crime to solve their problems.

The plan this time is to kidnap Hansen’s crafty jerk of a son, Rex played by Chris Pine. The plan gets flipped upside down when Rex

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