Dumb And Dumber To ***


My how time flies. Feels like I just saw “Dumb And Dumber” in theatres for the first time last week. But no that was on a cold winter night in 1994. Now comes the sequel which reunites Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey as Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas. Yes they are back and dumber than ever. The nostalgia factor here for me is incredibly high. I’ve seen the first movie probably more times than anyone should. It is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen in theatres. So how on earth could a sequel made twenty years later recapture that magic? The answer is that it is impossible. Best they can do is get close.

“Dumb And Dumber To” gets pretty close. It is a hilarious and worthy follow-up to the orginal fim. Harry and Lloyd look a little older but are certainly not any wiser. Lloyd has spent the twenty years since the original flick in the nut house, seemingly frozen in time over the fact that he didn’t win the heart of Mary in the original movie. Harry visits every week until Lloyd snaps out of it yelling “Gotcha!”. Turns out it was a two decade long gag on Harry.

This time the boys embark on a road trip to find Harry’s long lost daughter so he can beg her for one of her kidneys. Stupid and hilarious hijinks ensue.

Peter and Bobby Farrelly return to direct the sequel and also show that they have not matured much over the years. They aren’t afraid to give us jokes involving masterbating old ladies or grown men changing each other’s diapers. This movie is like a throw back to another time. It is very 1990’s in termsr of it’s humor and I fully appreciated that.

So did I laugh? You betcha! Is it as classic as the original? Nope, but I loved it anyway. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take twenty years to get a third film! I like it a lot!.


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