Dracula Untold ***


I was very surprised with just how much I enjoyed “Dracula Untold”. The previews suggested an overaught CGI nightmare much in the style of “Underworld” and “Legion”. The result does have it’s fair share of computer generated visual effects but there is enough great performances and a fairly strong story here that I found myself caught up in the conflict.

The story is a retelling of the classic Dracula tale with a more serious tone that seems common place now in modern filmmaking. Dracula, as played by Luke Evans, is a moody leader of his people as well as a formidable warrior in battle. When the sons of his kingdom are threatened he responds with force but finds himself seriously outnumbered. Dracula turns to a vicious monster deep in a mountain cave who offers him the power of a vampire for 3 days to fight off his enemeies. If he can resist the temptation to drink human blood he will become human again. Guess how that turns out.

The rest of the film depicts his struggles that eventually lead him to become a vampire as well as some of the people he was tasked with protecting.

None of this is remotely originaly but it is told with great style by director Gary Shore. The screenplay by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless also gives the film more weight then it probably deserves. The characters are all we cast and acted as well.

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