The Skeleton Twins ****


Now this movie came out of nowhere for me. It is a family drama about twins who try to reconcile after years of zero communication. They are played by Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig. Forget about what you are imaging this movie will be like after reading the casting because these actors truly surprised me by creating two real and indepth characters. Yes the film has some comedic moments but I was drawn in by two dramatic performances that could be the best of the year.

The film tackles some heavy and difficult subjects, esspecially when we learn about these character’s pasts and what drove them apart. They first come in to contact at the beginning of the movie when Hader’s character, Milo, fails at committing suicide. Wiig’s character, Maggie, recieves the call from the hospital just as her character is about to swallow a bottle full of pills. Their reunion is pretty much rocky from start to finish and provides both touching and heartbreaking moments that both these actors bring to life amazingly.

The writer and director is Craig Johnson who must be some kind of genius when it comes to casting. Not to say that these people are not talented. It just that we have become familiar with them in comedic roles so far. I look forward to more dramatic work from them in the future.

Johnson is the writer and director of this film. I read that he has been inspired by the works of Alexander Payne and Hal Ashby which are definitly some talanted people in their own respects. He was inspired but he does not mimic those artists. He creates his own vision of characters who seem doomed to wallow in misery together. It is quite a movie to get absorbed in to.


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