The November Man ***


I was really excited to see “The November Man”. I was genuinly excited to see Pierce Brosnan back in an action role, even if it was in a spy movie not too far removed from his days as James Bond. The result is an entertaining ride that could have been something more.

It is great to see Brosnan back in this type of role. He seems to be jumping back in at a time when there seems to be a trend of veteran actors taking on action roles. Guys like Liam Neeson, Kevin Costner, and Sylvester Stallone are leading the charge which is making the way for others to jump on the band wagon. There are some good flicks and a few bad ones. “The November Man” is one of the good ones.

Brosnan plays Peter Devereaux, a retired CIA agent who is drawn back in to the game when his former boss recuits him to extract a deep cover operative from Russia. When the job goes bad the operative is killed by Devereaux’s former protege. This results in a game of cat and mouse between the student and the teacher.

The film was directed by Roger Donaldson who is a veteran action director who brings an old school touch to characters and the action sequences. There is some exciting and gritty violence and chases on display here. This movie does not invent the wheel but it makes it go around at a break neck pace.


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