Sin City: A Dame To Kill For **1/2


“Sin City: A Dame To Kill For” arrives way too late after it’s predecessor. The original film is a classic. This film should of followed in the first 2-3 years after it. Instead it is 9 years later and the result is a movie that nobody that made it seems to care for. The direction and writing don’t feel very compelling and the result is sort of mediocre.

The story follows the same structure as the first film where its a series of episodes with loose connections to each other, all taking place within a comic book city of crime. The episodes are “Just Another Saturday Night”, “The Long Bad Night Part 1”, “A Dame To Kill For”, “The Long Bad Night Part II” and “Nancy’s Last Dance”. A lot of the cast from the first film have returned including Mickey Rourke as Marv and Jessica Alba as well as others. New comers include Josh Brolin as Dwight, Joseph Gordon Levitt as Johnny and Dennis Haysbert as Manute.

The first movie came out in 2005 and was so fresh and original, not only in it’s story but it’s visual style. That style has become less inventive after being copied many times over the years. Still, I was looking forward to this sequel as it was mostly the characters and their stories that drew me in. This time the episodes are less than compelling. I found everything to be basically an excuse to execute the visual effects and over the top violence.

Director Robert Rodriguez writer Mark Millar have made a visually impressive film but some how it feels flat. I wasn’t really involved in any of the events. The characters seemed to be operating on one note this time.


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