Let’s Be Cops **1/2


“Let’s Be Cops” is this years high concept August comedy, much in the tradition of films like “We’re The Millers”. This movie stars Jake Johnson and Damon Wayan’s Jr. as two slackers who decide to masquerade as real cops in order to keep them selves entertained. Not unexpectedly they run in to real trouble with some of the local criminals in the area.

The results are pretty funny through most of the movie. The director and writers don’t take the plot too seriously and let the actors run with their roles. I laughed through most of the movie. I did find that the third act started to get a little too carried away with some boring action sequences.

Movies like this are like comfort food. It feels good at the time. Might not be too good for you but as long as it is not all you dine on then it isn’t a problem.


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