Into The Storm **


“Into The Storm” is a sort of budget version of “Twister” from 1996. It sort of has the same plot which includes storm chasers who are trying to learn more about tornadoes to increase the alert times to save more lives. The results are sort of pale in comparison but not without some B level fun.

The film is shot in the tired style of the found footage genre. I am growing weary of these films. They have lost their charm with me long ago. Maybe thats what held this film back a bit for me. The effects are sometimes stirring but most of the time look as if there should of been a bigger budget. Imagine a made for TV film and you get the idea.

The characters and the plot really only exist to have people run away from storms or get swept up by funnel clouds. To describe these people would take more effort than the actual filmmakers put in to this.

The one thing I will say is that this movie is never really boring. Some of the action and effects are fun. Just when you compare it to the sheer terror on display in a movie like “Twister” or even “The Day After Tomorrow” then the film suffers greatly.

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