Lucy **1/2


“Lucy” is the latest from acclaimed action director Luc Besson. It might be his most amibitious to date and that is saying something considering he directed films like “The Fifth Element”. But for me it just didn’t add up. I think that they might of been reaching way, way to high for an action flick. It is never boring but it gets pretty ridiculous in the end.

Scarlett Johansson stars as Lucy, a drug mule who is accidentally dosed with a drug that activates a myriad of pre-encoded genetic conscious capabilities. It brings up some interesting notions about the brain and gives a scientest played by Morgan Freeman some shocking surprises.

The first two thirds of the movie play it as a weird “Matrix” like action thriller where Johansson seems to possess major telikentic powers as she fights her way through a standard series of crime bosses and thugs. But then the third act reaches for the truly bizarre as she reaches %100 use of her brain, unlocking some sort of new dimension.

It was at that point that the film started to lose me. It is a fun flick to watch with a bunch of people and debate afterwards i’ll give the filmmakers that though.

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