Tammy ***


“Tammy” is no where near as bad as the critics made it out to be. Sure it is not as good of a comedy as it might of been but it is an ejoyable flick to watch at home on your couch. It also gives Melissa McCarthy a role that is not nearly as obnoxious as her appearences in “The Heat” or “Idenity Thief”. Here her character is over the top but in a funny and sort of sweet way.

McCarthy plays Tammy, a down on her luck woman who gets fired from her fast food job and walks in on her husband sitting down to a nice dinner with their female neighbor. She loses it and storms over to her mothers house which is two doors down and hits the road with her hard drinking Grandma played by the great Susan Sarandon.

The results are not original but they are mostly funny. I esspecially loved seeing her attempt to hit on guys who apparently will not be able to resist her charms. Mark Duplass plays one such fellow who does resist her rediculousness only to start enjoying her sweet side which she tries to keep hidden. Sarandon is great as a woman who has obviously been couped up for many years and is ready to let loose.

The wonderful Kathy Bates shows up later as Sarandon’s long time lesbian friend who has some powerful words for Tammy on how to get her life together. Is there anyone who can cut right to the heart of the matter more directly than Kathy Bates? She is not in enough movies these days.

I will admit I was expecting a sort of different movie from the one that was displayed in the trailers and talked about by critics. What I got was funny and sort of heart felt in the end.


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