Transformers: Age Of Extinction **


What more is there to say about another “Transformers” movie? Did we need another one? I re-watched the original three earlier this week and I have to say that my mind was numb from the mayhem. I enjoyed them in theatres but watching them back to back really shows how repetitive they got. This fourth movie, “Age Of Extinction”, is basically more of the same but without a coherent narrative.

The original cast is replaced with a new family. Mark Wahlberg is the head of the house hold. He is an offbeat inventory who comes across a scrap heap that turns out to be a barely alive Optimus Prime. I will say that almost nothing beats hearing the voice of Peter Cullen on the big screen, no matter how bad the film gets. Most of the story involving Wahlberg’s family involves his issues with how fast his daughter is growing up and the fact that she is dating some guy behind his back. Yawn.

The Transformers are spread out all over the country and are now being hunted by the CIA, lead by Kelsey Grammar, with the aid of some new Decepticons. Basically they want the space metal that they are made of so they can create their own version of the Transformers. They start with the remaining metal of the defeated Megatron which turns out to be a mistake when some how they bring over Megatron’s soul, basically recreating him.

Then suddenly the action moves to Shanghai for no other reason than to sell more tickets to this movie in Asia. The Transformers end up in a giant battle that does a ton of damage to the city. The Dinobots show up out of no where to join the mass destruction. Giant aliens ships hover over the city, massive robots get tangled up in to confusing heaps of scrap metal, millions of bullets are fired and many things blow up real good. By the end of this cinematic insanity I was exhausted.

Out of all the films in this series this one seems the most half assed and stupid. Director Michael Bay promised to dial down the dumb characters and make this film a little more serious and focused but some how he has done the opposite. There are too many villains, too many idiotic characters and just too much incoherent CGI destruction sprinkled with moments here and there that I thought were funny or neat. I found Stanley Tucci to be so weirdly quirky that it was like he was in a different movie.

At this point you know if this movie is for you or not. I liked the first three to a degree but I have reached my limit. If there is to be more films then they need a new director a new writer and it needs to be set some where else other than earth. I do not need to see another City destroyed by CGI.


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