Sex Tape **1/2


“Sex Tape” was no where near as bad as I had heard. Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are funny and likeable in their roles, but the movie falls flat a lot of the time. The story is one we can all relate to. A married couple tries to spice up their sex life. We get glimpses of what things were like when they were dating and first married. These two in particular were almost over the top in their sex life. Eventually life and kids catch up with them and they find that they just don’t make time anymore.

One night they get the idea that they will make a sex tape which results in the first passionate night for the married couple in years. They get drunk, the role play, they fool around and end up finding that spark again. The problem is that they make the tape with their iPad which then syncs the video with multiple other iPads. Apparently Jason Segel’s character is so rich that he buys iPads every few months then gives away his old ones. Stupidly he doesn’t factory wipe them. At this point I had to shake my head at just how idiotic this situation is. This sets the couple on a quest to retrieve every iPad the husband has given out so they can factory wipe them.

So the setup is what it is. The real test is that did this setup result in some seriously funny scenes? The answer is sometimes. I did laugh a lot when they had to visit Cameron Diaz’s bosses house and not only does Segel have to contend with a determined guard dog, but the boss, played by Rob Lowe, turns out to be lonesome drug addict who has a bizarre taste in music. I laughed a lot.

Other moments left me perplexed. At one point the sex video is about to be uploaded to a public porn forum so the couple decide to break in to the head quarters of this website and try to destroy their servers. For some reason they take their two small children with them as they break and enter. Inside they run in to the owner, played by Jack Black, who gives them a lame speech about other couples who have had similar circumstances. As much as I love seeing Jack Black show up, I was dismayed to see him stuck in a role that was awkward and stupid.

The result is a movie that should maybe be watched at home. Not all out bad but not really worth the trip to the cinema.


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