Transcendence **


I can honestly say that I am quite surprised with how bad “Transcendence” is. The director is Wall Pfister, who was the cinematographer for every one of Christopher Nolan’s films. The cast is lead by Johnny Depp who is finally doing an original film that doesn’t involve pirates and is not directed by Tim Burton. So how did this film turn out so poorly?

For starters the screenplay starts with an intriguing setup only to end in a series of pointless action sequences and effects set pieces. Why tease us with interesting ideas and some real thought provoking science fiction only to everything boil down to shoot outs and fist fights?

The story involves a scientist, played by Depp, who is attempting to create a stand alone artificial intelligence. His hope is that this will advance medical technology by decades in the attempt to save human lives. When he is fatally wounded by an anti-technology group, his wife and trusted friend have his mind uploaded in to a computer. This could of resulted in a thriller that really asks questions about the dangers of technology. Look at the recent indie drama “Her” for a much better movie about artificial intelligence.

I say again, I was quite let down by this movie. The previews were intriguing and the cast and crew were top notch. I feel like the studio wanted a specific type of movie made. One that can make a quick buck on opening weekend. This is the result.

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