Rio 2 **


I wasn’t much in to the original “Rio” and the sequel is even worse. This is a sequel made to simply make money. There is not much artistic merit here at all. The story is unnecessary, the voice work really isn’t all that great and the filmmakers really have no ambition on display here at all. It is sad that Pixar decided that they would not release a film in 2015 leaving us with lame CGI animated films to fill the void. You would think that with a power house like Pixar taking a year off, other brands would really try to shine and stand out.

The story here involves the same cast as the original basically doing the same things they did in the original film but this time it takes place in the Amazon. Woohoo.

I’m sure that little kids will enjoy the colors and the energy in some of the music but older kids and parents will be bored to tears I think. If there is to be a third one of these films I would ask that they just release it direct to home video so I can avoid it easier.


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