Draft Day **1/2


“Draft Day” stars Kevin Costner as the general manager of an NFL football team. It depicts the last day before the NFL draft. We follow Costner’s character, Sonny Weaver Jr, as he manages his personal life as well as his job. His team has the number one pick in the draft. The film is positioned as a lighter version of “Moneyball” which is a shame because it is a fairly entertaining film just in a different way. The ladder film focused on the harsh business where this movie is trying to be more of a generic dramedy.

Besides Costner, the film stars Jennifer Garner as his assistant and secret girlfriend, Denis Leary as the teams coach, Frank Langella as the team owner and Ellen Burstyn as his mother.

During the day Costner will make a series of movies that could make or break the team. Those aspects of the film were what interestsed me the most. The parts that didn’t were involving his personal life. Those scenes felt heavy handed and unnecessary.

The director is Ivan Reitman, who is clearly seasoned in these types of movies. Maybe he is too familiar at this point because this film seems sort of phoned in. Anyway it is not a bad film just not a must see.


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