Cuban Fury ***


Finally we get a movie with Nick Frost as the star. He has been a co-lead a few times with Simon Pegg and they have been terrific together, but it was time for him to headline a comedy on his own. The results speak for themselves. Nick Frost is a big man which doesn’t really make him a natural fit for a movie about a man who is a former Salsa dancer, just out of retirement to win the heart of a lady.

Frost plays Bruce. Bruce works as a software engineer. When he falls in love with his new boss played by Rashida Jones, he realizes that he could maybe win her over by bringing his dancing skills out of retirement. When he was a youth, Bruce was a champion salsa dancer but a run in with some local bullies shattered his confidence. To help him get it back, Bruce enlists his former teacher, Ron, played by Ian McShane. It also doesn’t help that he has competition at work from Drew the office Jerk played by Chris O’Dowd.

When the dance scenes happen Frost looks right at home. I can only imagine the intensive training he put himself through for this role but it has paid off in spades as he looks flawless during the big competition at the end of the film.

“Cuban Fury” takes the form of a sports movie crossed with a romantic comedy. The clichés are evident for both genres but that pretty much comes with the territory. The treat here is the wonderful cast which are all funny and authentic. I especially loved Frost becoming a leading man. It is well deserved.


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