The Art Of The Steal ***


I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed “The Art Of The Steal”. It is a nice little heist picture with an entertaining story and some solid performances. Kurt Russell in particular hasn’t been this good in years. Matt Dillon also turns in his best work in a few movies as well.

The story is not original in any way shape or form. Career criminals come out of retirement for one last heist. This is an age old formula. Doesn’t matter if they are planning on stealing money, gold, antiques or a stamp collection. The clichés of the heist movie have been established and “The Art Of The Steal” does not deviate from that at all. The prize this time is a priceless book.

What really got me in to this was the funny dialogue and the performances. Plain and simple. I liked the characters and I enjoyed their interactions. I don’t always demand originality but I do want a genre film to be fun and watchable and this movie succeeds at both of those.


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