Need For Speed **


“Need For Speed” is the video game adaptation that nobody really wanted or needed. Why adapt a game that is decades old? Did the game even have a plot? I doubt it because this movie strings together a story that is about as flimsy as they come. This all just seems like an excuse to stage elaborate car chases and stunts which are pretty cool most of the time.

The movie stars Aaron Paul as Tobey Marshall, a local mechanic to who ends up wrongfully in prison over a manslaughter charge. When he gets out he vows to catch those responsible by joining a dangerous race in San Francisco. This involves him breaking his parole and leaving the state which basically sets up a country wide chase from the authorities as well as random bad guys.

I did like the part where a helicopter picks up a car before it can fall off a cliff. I also liked the fact that stunt drivers were used as much as they were. Either CGI was not really used or it was harder to spot which feels retro these days.

Basically the creators here seem to be trying to put together a “Fast And Furious” like franchise to cash in on the big dollars those movies have made. The result is very forgettable.


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