Enemy ***


“Enemy” is a slow and absorbing thriller from the director of “Prisoners”. It is a bit of a mind bending flick about a man who finds his real life doppelganger. Jake Gyllenhaal plays the duel roles of Adam Belle and Anthony Claire. Both men have seemingly no connection but they are identical copies of one another, right down to a scar on their upper abdomen. It is a tense thriller with large implications that you do not get from most studio fare.

I won’t say much about what happens when the men meet and how their lives become connected. I will say that Gyllenhaal’s performances are just masterful. You can always tell which character is on screen. He creates two fully dimensional characters that are each very unique.

Director Denis Villeneuve really makes this more of a noir thriller than anything. The music, the direction, the lighting, everything suggests a thriller made in the 1950s. I fully appreciated the craft that went in to this movie. I did however find that the story didn’t absorbed me quite as much as I would of liked.


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