Noah ***


As a big fan of director Darren Aronofsky I was quite surprised when it was announced that his next film would be the biblical epic “Noah”. I admit that I did not see that coming. The result is an odd mixture that blends the traditional story of Noah’s Ark with some elaborate fantasy elements as well as some large scale action. I enjoyed the film overall but found myself indifferent to it in ways that I can’t honestly explain.

The story I think almost everybody is familiar with. Noah, played by Russell Crowe, begins having visions of a coming flood that will wipe out all life. He believes he has been tasked with building a great Ark that will provide refuge for as many non-human creatures as they can. The flood will wipe out mankind and all their sins so that the world can start over.

This causes some concern to all peoples who are not Noah and his family. They spend years constructing this vessel only to come up against an army of truly evil people who wish to take it and save their own lives. This results in a battle between people and a group of fallen angels now trapped in rock like structures.

When the great flood comes it is brought to terrifying life by a mix of CGI and model sets. I was in awe as the waves came crashing through all life but also depressed by the thought of millions of people meeting their demise.

Aronofsky does a good job at trying to create a movie that is truly amazing to look at. He shoots a lot of the landscapes with a gorgeous backdrop of stars and sky. I really felt as if these were biblical times. I also liked how he brought together the large scale action as well. I guess I felt indifferent because all of these moments just didn’t blend together as seamlessly as we might of wanted.


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