Mr. Peabody and Sherman **


“Mr. Peabody And Sherman” is the latest effort from Dreamworks animation. At this point there is not a lot I can say about the film other than I found it mildy amusing and enjoyed some of the animation. Dreamworks seems to have caught themselves some sort of creative block because their animated films seem to all consist of the same general plot outline. They don’t really go for too much drama or texture and instead rely on slapstick comedy and action.

This film really does not buck that trend at all. The film is based on a television series of the 1960’s which they update using modern techniques. I have no idea what that show was like but the film is a colorful mix of action and comedy.

Kids will definitley get a kick out of it. Mine definitly did. Adults may be less interested in this one. We are definitley starting to feel the Pixar void after their latest film was bumped to next year leaving us without a new movie from that studio for two years. Oh the humanity!

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