300: Rise Of An Empire **


“300: Rise Of An Empire” promised that we would see more carnage like the violent battles we saw in the original “300” movie and boy do they deliver. This isn’t so much a sequel as it is a story that happens parallel to the original movie. After seeing this movie I concluded that it didn’t really add anything new and was ultimately totally unnecessary. It is well made and contains a lot of loud, gory violence but that just isn’t enough for me.

I’m all for large scale battle scenes but I do need some kind of story or a compelling reason to sit through them. Yes this film makes things sort of fresh by having most of the conflicts take place on water but even that is not enough of a reason to sit through this much action. All of the story is spent on explaining the history of the main villain, Xerxes, who we got to know well enough in the original movie.

We do get a new hero to follow played by Sullivan Stapleton, who has a tough time filling the shoes left by Gerard Butler. He is an admirable hero but I just found his laid back demeanor to be pale in comparison to the exuberance of Butler.

If you loved the first film then I imagine you will enjoy this. It really is for the fans that embraced the original and made it such a huge hit. I think it is well crafted but I need a little more plot and story to keep my attention for two hours.

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