Non-Stop ***


“Non-Stop” is the latest action flick to star Liam Neeson after the success of “Taken” from 2009. This time he plays an air marshall on a flight to London. When the plane is threatened by an unknown enemy, Neeson must race against time to figure out which passenger it is and save the innocent.

The film starts as Neeson’s character is finishing a few drinks before his flight. We get the sense that he has had some troubles in his life. When the flight starts he finds himself sitting next to an odd lady played by Julianne Moore. She goes from passenger to passenger awkwardly asking for their window seat. Neeson and Moore strike up friendly conversation just as Neeson starts receiving anonymous texts from someone threatening to kill passengers. The unknown terrorist demands 150 million dollars be transferred in to an account and he will murder someone every 20 minutes until it is complete.

Neeson essentially plays a variation of the character he has now portrayed in a few different paranoid thrillers such as “Unknown” and the previously mentioned “Taken”. He is good at playing this type of role but I hope he doesn’t start to become stuck in them.

The film was directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (Unknown), and written by John W. Richardson, Chris Roach
and Ryan Engle. Together they craft a well made, sometimes tense and exciting thriller. I personally was able to pin point the villain of the film very early on but I did second guess myself a few times. If you have enjoyed Neeson’s action films so far than you will probably enjoy this as well.


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