Robocop (2014) **


I have been against this “Robocop” remake since it was announced. The original film came out in the 80’s and is considered a classic. Why make a new version instead of a totally original film? To make money is the obvious answer. Sure the original film’s visual effects are out of date but that just adds to the charm. But here we are with yet another remake.

“Robocop” follows the same story outline as the original film but really expands on the building of the Robocop suit as well as his training. Detective Alex Murphy is on the trail of police corruptions involving a local crime boss. When he is critically injured after a car bombing, his wife makes the crucial decision to allow I did find a lot of these moments fairly fascinating. There are some neat visual moments, such as when the suit is removed to find that only Alex’s head and lungs seem to be remaining. I also liked the part where Alex wakes up for the first time from his coma. We see him at a family BBQ when suddenly the scene sort of drifts in to the lab setting he is actually in and we realize he is dreaming.

At this point I was actually enjoying the film. It is when Robocop is released in to the streets of Detroit that the film sort of falls apart. Obviously Alex is going to want to solve his own attempted murder, which he resolves fairly easily, leaving him with not too much to do for the last half of the flick. There is a lot of political subplots involving the corporation that built Robocop and the government that wants to regulate his use which sort of dominates almost every scene. Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman sort of overtake these scenes as they struggle with what is right for humanity.

The film also ends with a lot of unnecessary CGI action and violence, none of which can hold a candle to the over the top gore of the original film. Here everything is watered down for the PG-13 crowd in an attempt to maximize the opening weekend box office. This is a real shame because a lot of the charm of the original film was the dark humor involving moments of gruesome, unexpected violence.

Well an other week and another failure of a remake. I have been dreading this film for a while now and it failed to surprise me in almost every way. The performances are good but the product does not offer much compared to the source material.


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